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Methyl tetrahydrophthalic anhydride (MTHPA, MeTHPA) is a high performance product of anhydride curing agent. Our MTHPA products of WNY-1002 series has excellent performance when reacting with epoxy resins. Its characteristics include high purity, light color, low viscosity, low volatility, low toxicity, low heating loss, stable performance, long pot life, and freezing point. It can be long-term stored at low and room temperature. The specific characteristics are as follows:

Chemical Name: Methyl tetrahydrophthalic anhydride (MTHPA, MeTHPA)

Specification: WNY-1002
Molecular formula: C9H10O3
Molecular weight:166.178
CAS No.:26590-20-5  11070-44-3
Structural formula:


Physical and chemical properties:
-High purity and light color: Light yellow and transparent. Epoxy resin products can be directly produced or produced into various colors required.
-Low viscosity: Good processing properties for winding, molding, casting, bonding, potting, lamination, dipping and impregnation. A large amount of filler can be added during casting to make the cured product excellent in performance.
-Stable performance, low solidifying point, long application period: sealed preservation and long-term storage at room temperature.
-Low toxicity: Toxicity is only one-twentieth to one-fortyth of the amine curing agent.
-Low volatility.
-Low heating loss.
-Good mutual solubility: This product can be miscible with all epoxy resins, the mixing viscosity is low, and the shrinkage rate of the system is small when heated and cured.
-Application: More suitable for moulding, pultrusion and interwinding.

Technical Data Sheet:






light yellow transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities.

Color (Pt-Co)

300# Max

200# Max

Density (g/cm3 , 20℃)



-15 Max

0 Max

Viscosity (Pa.s, 25℃)

0.060 Max

0.045 Max

0.040 Max

Acid Value(mgKOH/g)


Anhydride content

41.5% Min

Volatile content (120℃)

2.00% Max

Free acid

0.50% Max

* Above are standard grades, anhydride mixtures and different isomer structures can be offered.
(Mixture of 3- and 4- Isomers)