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Quality Control

I. Raw materials - control and management of the source. First of all, we must control the source materials of quality, negotiate with the supplier, and clarify the acceptance criteria, that is, define the quality standards in the procurement contract, and formulate the raw material quality control procedures and the incoming inspection procedures. According to the quality standard, quality control procedures and inspection procedures of the procurement contract, the quality inspection of the raw materials entering the factory shall be carried out, and the inspection shall be released and put into production. Basically, the quality problems of the source may be effectively controlled beforehand. Only by focusing on the prevention and control work in advance can it be possible to fundamentally improve the quality of products and reduce production costs.

II. Production - production process control and management. For the quality control of intermediate products, it is necessary to develop production processes, quality standards, quality control procedures and inspection procedures. During operation, the MTHPA production workshop is strictly in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the production process. After the production, the quality inspection department will inspect the intermediate products according to the quality standards and inspection procedures. The production department and quality inspection department must strictly implement the product quality control procedures, do a good job in quality judgment and labeling, indicate the status of the products and make records to prevent misuse of the workshop.

III. The finished product (MTHPA) - the final control and management. The unqualified finished product consists of two parts, one is the non-conforming product that the enterprise itself has tested, and the other is the non-conforming product that the customer has identified after the finished product delivery has been objectionable; For the first case, our company will issue a plan for handling the case. The second case shall be communicated by the quality inspection departments of both parties, sampled together, and tested according to the established or unanimously determined finished product testing methods. If the quality is unqualified, the customer shall be provided with a return and exchange. We will try our best to do a good job of after-sales service.

IV. Production equipment, monitoring and testing equipment - hardware support. Improve the monitoring equipment management system, regular inspection, verification, and timely update of these monitoring equipment, so that these instruments really play a role in monitoring and guiding production.