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Company Culture

Uncompromising Integrity   Weaving the Future

Nanyang Group has always been adhering to the enterprise development philosophy of “honest first, faith foremost and harmony priceless”, striving to realize harmony and common prosperity between customers and the company, employees and the enterprise, as well as the enterprise and the society.

Enterprise Management: Quality is the eternal theme of the enterprise.

Brand Strategy: Nanyang Group unswervingly practices its brand strategy so as to maintain its prosperity.

Innovation is the core of group development

Pioneering and innovating is the enterprise spirit advocated by Nanyang. The continuous innovation of management mode and production technology has enhanced the enterprise’s core competitiveness and realized steady growth and optimizing expansion of industries of Nanyang.

Group and Society: Green production mechanism is established to pursue harmonious coexistence between enterprise development and the environment, which is our social responsibility. 

Environmental Protection: Nanyang Group insists on the sustainable development. It pursues its economic profit under the harmonious environment of the society. While implementing industrial upgrade, the Group didn’t hesitate to invest heavily to intensify the construction of environmental protection facilities, turning clean production idea into effective action with social responsibilities.